The Bible Recap

Day 274 (Luke 1, John 1) - Year 4

October 1, 2022


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- New Testament Reading Plan

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- The Bible Recap - Episode 056

- Numbers 6:1-21

- Article: What is the Nazirite/Nazarite Vow?

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- Genesis 1

- Book: Delighting in the Trinity

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- Leviticus 14:8

- Mark 1:4

- Video: Matthew Overview Part One

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PREP EPISODES (in case you haven’t listened yet):

  1. Let's Read the Bible in a Year (Chronological Plan)!
  2. How I Learned to Love (Reading) the Bible
  3. Why Reading the Whole Bible is Important (interview with Lee McDerment)
  4. Preparing to Read the Bible
  5. Avoiding Common Mistakes: What to Look for When You Read the Bible
  6. Reading the Bible in Community


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